Sunday, April 20, 2014

My hip is 1 month old!

Yesterday marked 4 weeks since my hip replacement.  The day before that I was told by the therapist at my doctor's office that I was to slow it WAY down.  I was disappointed to hear this.  I have heard that I need to slow it down a bit but this new therapist gave me the physiologic facts and possible repercussions.  I have requested a phone call with my doctor to run what she said by him.  She reminded me that he is a true extreme athlete (biathlons / triathlons) and said he is probably going to say, "heck yeah, go for it!"

I will do as always, gather advice, facts, opinions, of others and then make my own decision.  I will not purposefully do something that will cause this replacement to be ineffective and place me right back in the same pain I have been in over the past 25+ years.  To that end, I have already come to the decision there is MUCH I can do cardio wise and resistance wise to train, and I can train every other muscle, joint, bone in my body to its max potential while still babying my right hip and femur and performing only recommend exercises upon it.

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