Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Open Invitation and High Level Itinerary 8/6/14 to 8/12/14

With the hip replacement milestone met I would like to offer an open invitation to those family, friends, and supporters that would like to celebrate life, each other, and the majesty of Pike's Peak to join us!  Whether it is the early morning kick off at the Barr Trail trail head August 9th, the summit of Pike's Peak August 10th, or ANY part in between it would be a joy and an honor to have others share in building what I hope will be one of my son's greatest memories!

I will begin posting to the blog more frequently covering topics in more detail such the trail itself, Barr Camp, the summit, Cog Rail, training/hiking/preparedness, Colorado Springs, and Manitou Springs; among others...

Our high level intermarry so far:

8/6/14 - per a suggestion to allow our bodies time to acclimate to the altitude we plan to arrive in Colorado Springs
8/7/14 - Get a lay of the land, trail head, Pike's Peak entrance, restaurants, begin rounding up those that have said they would join us, practice hike / site seeing in one of the many trails suggested to us, perhaps something a Garden of the God's.
8/8/14 - A day on top of Pike's Peak, per a suggestion we will drive to the top of Pike's Peak to help our bodies become even more acclimated to the altitude.  We will picnic, site see, practice hikes, and over all relax and enjoy each other's company.
8/9/14 - Hit the Barr Trail trail head by early, 6 or 7 a.m.'ish local time.  Ascend to Barr Camp taking in the beauty and reveling in the experience.  The afternoon and night will be spent on the side of the mountain at the  Barr Camp level.  We have purchased the private large upper cabin which sleeps 12.  family and close friends that wish to spend the night may sleep with us in there on the 9th.
8/10/14 - leave Barr Camp early and attempt to summit Pike's Peak!  Enjoy the moment! later descend via car either by either a relative, friend, or car service.  That night celebrate, if enough energy, at a location to be determined!

Contingency Plan
There is NO GUARANTEE that the peak will be accessible via foot, train, or car!  There is ALWAYS the chance the only way off the mountain is to HIKE back down.  That being said we have booked 3 spots for Simon, Trish, and I in the main cabin the night of 8/10/14 in case we cannot summit the day of the 10th.  We plan to make another go of it on the 11th.  If we cannot summit the 11th we will head off the mountain either that day or the 12th camping where we can until we make the hike back down to the trail head.

Ton's of places and ways others can join us!
If we are blessed enough for others to want to participate in some fashion there are many opportunities beyond performing the entire hike!
Other ideas are:

  • Join us on the 8th to hang out on Pike's Peak!
  • Join us at the summit as we complete our goal!
  • Head to the summit on 8/10 and hike down the Golden Staircase, then hike back up the Golden Staircase with us! (Another post will review the Golden Staircase)
  • Take the Cog Rail to meet with us and visit Barr Camp, Do the same for the summit!  (Other posts will cover Cog Rail and Barr Camp)
  • Join us at the trail head and hike part way up!
  • Join us the night of the 10th or any other time in Colorado to enjoy this wonderful state!

RSVP's would be greatly appreciated so we know where to look for you!  Contact me with questions, concerns, ADVICE, encouragement:
Follow my account on Facebook: Fourteenthousand Onehundredten
Or email me:

PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD! It motivates me and I hope to inspire others!

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