Sunday, March 23, 2014

Milestone Complete: Hip Replaced

It is amazing that 48 hours after having a total hip replacement I am on my way home.   These medical advancements are incredible.  The procedure I had was an anterior approach as opposed to a posterior.  Meaning the surgeon went through more of the front of my leg and was able to pull my muscles aside as apposed to the posterior where the glute muscles are cut through.  Pain management has also come a long way.  Before I even entered the operating room they started me on multiple time release pain meds and nerve ending relaxers.  Something else that was great was the training video and book provided months before the procedure that literally showed how to train to prepare for the surgery and strengthen ancillary muscles that would be needed to move around and compensate for those that were traumatized during the surgery.  

I am so excited to have such an increase in my quality of life, everything from being able to tie my right shoe again, ride a bike, and then hike Barr Trail with beautiful wife and incredible son!  

I want to give a special thank you to all those who are providing prayers and support!  There have been offers and questions if others can join us on our adventure August 9th and summit August 10th and the answer is OF COURSE!  IT WOULD BE AN HONOR!  Even if others are there to see us off at the trail head on the 9th or meet us on the top on the 10th!

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