Thursday, January 15, 2015

Workout 20150115

FitNotes Workout - Thursday 15th January 2015 ** Stationary Bike ** - 6.18 mi in 30:00 [Level 3] ** High Steps ** - 6.0 lbs x 20 reps - 6.0 lbs x 20 reps - 6.0 lbs x 20 reps - 6.0 lbs x 20 reps - 6.0 lbs x 20 reps ** Step Ups ** - 2.0 lbs x 20 reps - 2.0 lbs x 20 reps - 2.0 lbs x 20 reps ** Kettle Bell Squat ** - 20.0 lbs x 10 reps - 20.0 lbs x 10 reps - 20.0 lbs x 10 reps

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Workout 20150108

Light day today on resistance training.  Moving slow this morning.

FitNotes Workout - Thursday 8th January 2015 ** Stationary Bike ** - 6.95 mi in 30:00 ** Flat Barbell Bench Press ** - 135.0 lbs x 5 reps - 135.0 lbs x 3 reps ** Barbell Curl ** - 20.0 lbs x 55 reps

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Rest Day 20150107

Perhaps I am a masochist.  I get pleasure out of the soreness I feel in my muscles. They are not overly sore, just enough to let me know they are there and they have been worked. I had a decent nights sleep last night which is critical to a healthy life style especially when working to build muscle and lose fat.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Workout 20150106

Added some new exercises today, just experimenting.

Supine Burpee (my name)
Like a burpee but I roll onto my back. Today I timed myself to see how long it would take to do 5.  I thought it would take me 90 to 120 seconds but I pulled it off in 48!

Swiss Hamstring Curls
This was a fun and great exercise not just for the hammies but core stabilizers too.

Walking Lunges
I was finally able to do lunges with my trekking poles!  It may not sound like much but a 6 months ago I could not do a single one.  Today, after training those muscles groups with alternate exercises I was able to do perform 3 sets of 12!  #ThisAintYourGrandmasHipReplacement

FitNotes Workout - Tuesday 6th January 2015 ** Stationary Bike ** - 6.63 mi in 30:00 ** Supine Burpee ** - 5.0 m in 00:48 ** Swiss Hamstring Curl ** - 1.0 lbs x 10 reps - 1.0 lbs x 10 reps - 1.0 lbs x 10 reps ** Lunge Forward ** - 1.0 lbs x 12 reps - 1.0 lbs x 12 reps - 1.0 lbs x 12 reps

Monday, January 5, 2015

Workout 20150105

I feel like I could have pushed myself harder or longer.  I do want to have time to come blog after my workout and before my the first meeting of my work days which is 7 a.m.

FitNotes Workout - Monday 5th January 2015 ** Stationary Bike ** - 7.0 mi in 30:00 ** Barbell Curl ** - 20.0 lbs x 51 reps - 20.0 lbs x 28 reps - 20.0 lbs x 21 reps ** Flat Barbell Bench Press ** - 45.0 lbs x 66 reps - 45.0 lbs x 34 reps ** Dumbell Skullcrusher ** - 23.0 lbs x 50 reps - 23.0 lbs x 25 reps - 23.0 lbs x 25 reps

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Wrapping up The First Weekend of the New Year

Well 2 cheat meals instead of 1 and probably too much to drink Saturday night.  But it was a fairly active weekend.  Saturday we went to do our stairs and did 5 x 210 stairs with about a 15 pound backpack. That is 1050 steps and the Manitou Incline is 2700 plus

It feels good to be back at it.  My right leg has become a little more sore, in the muscles, as they day has progressed.  The 3rd day is always the worst so I will prep for that with some ibuprofen and hop out of bed at 5 in the morning to continue the training.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Weekend Nutrition Struggles

Weekends are my hardest time of controlling what I eat.  It is engrained in me that it is "party" time.  Actually my habits have been to go out and eat on Thursday nights with a "lets get part of the weekend" started early mentality.  Then on Friday night it's "the week is done, let's eat and have some drinks."  Saturday's, especially when it is nasty out and there are not plans to do anything lead to grazing on unhealthy foods and going out to "party" again.  Then finally Sunday the attitude is "I'll get back on my diet Monday" and with that more boredom grazing and a nice big Sunday meal.

To beat this I try and plan activities ahead.  Activities that are physically active so that calories are burned, and, if exerting enough, endorphins are released. Camping and hiking are my top choices for this very reason.  Besides being active I can plan what types and amount of food to bring to a some what isolated area! 

Friday, January 2, 2015

Back at it!

Cliche as it is; weight loss and health is a journey.  Since October 30th this year I have put at least 2 to 3 inches back on and probably 10 pounds, or more!  While I do have some regrets I replace them with thoughts of the great memories I have.  October 30th, my birthday!  November 8th my beautiful nieces INCREDIBLE wedding!  Thanksgiving!  Christmas! and New Years!  Usually I celebrate 1 more event on January 10th, my awesome wife's birthday, but I am going to try my hardest to be very moderate.

I had stalled in my overall weight loss and am working to re-focus and make a huge push for the next 180 days so that I can have as lean of a body as possible and carry as little weight as possible up the Manitou Incline.  So this morning my wife and I were back it in our 14,000 Gym and while it did stink to role out of bed at 5 a.m.  and it did "hurt" a little after being off for almost 2 weeks it does feel good now that I am done!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Up the Manitou Incline in 180 Days

2014 was a fantastic year with my family and friends reaching our goal of hiking to the summit of Pikes Peak.  THANK YOU to all the Facebook friends, personal friends, and family for helping keep me motivated to make that happen!

I am now HOOKED on hiking and this year of 2015 I am challenging my friends, family and self by setting the bar a little higher (14,439 feet high, more on that in a later post).  We have unfinished business on America's Mountain and that is completing the Manitou Incline.  Over 2700 railroad tie steps, almost a mile long and 2000 feet in elevation gain.  We will hit the base on July 2nd at 5:30 a.m. local time and charge on up using this route as we leisurely work our way up to what will be our second summit of Pikes Peak! (more on that in a later post too!)

With a new year comes new resolve!  And the battle cry, for at least the first half of the year, will be a countdown until we meet the Incline!  Starting tomorrow our holiday break from exercise is over with a renewed focus on our diet. Tomorrow marks 180 days until we reach the summit of the Manitou Incline!